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Heather Wheeler-Sadlemire

Founder + Chief Strategist

Prior to launching On Top of That Marketing, Heather spent 15+ years in the business executing everything from social media campaigns for local realtors to conceptualizing and strategizing the most successful beauty launch in QVC history with a national, award-winning brand.

With a degree in journalism, her passion is storytelling. She is committed to using her creative capabilities in helping businesses to grow. She dislikes industry jargon and false promises.

Heather founded On Top of That Marketing to offer a breath of fresh air to any business looking for outside-the-box marketing campaigns and kick-ass content.


Devoted library patron. Popcorn connoisseur. Storyteller. Social media stalker. Mom to a daughter who sometimes pretends to be a cat. Digital marketer. Person who sings loudly in the car.


Self-proclaimed comedian. Iced coffee supporter. Social media lover. Expert in looking up that random actor on IMDB. TikTok Specialist. Mom of a toddler boy, always in need of a nap (both mom and kiddo).


Sara Hellmuth

Social Media Strategist

Sara brings 10+ years of social media marketing to the table. As a self-taught Myspace coder (looking to just change the colors and fonts of her Top 8) Sara has grown and evolved alongside social media.

If you're sending your friends a trending TikTok or Instagram Reel, Sara saw it last week. If you're looking for your brand to jump on that trend on it's way up, Sara's your gal. (Sara is also your gal if you're trying to track down your best friend's sister's boyfriend's roommate's cousin that you bumped into at a housewarming party one time three months ago -- just give her a name and a city. But we do not charge for that.)

Along with creating killer content, Sara works alongside clients on brand launches and events.

a brain, an athlete, a basket case, a princess, and a criminal

Record scratch. Brains? Of course. Basket case? Who isn't? But athletic? Well, maybe if speed texting was a sport. We ARE a team that loves to quote movies, and would TOTALLY win THAT ... sport.

We're also an agency that does things a little differently. We believe in the art of storytelling, not just selling. We believe in creating relationships. We believe in nurturing those relationships. We believe that great content stands the test of time.

We don't believe in vanity metrics. We don't believe in quick fixes, or false promises.


We believe in delivering customers, sales, and leads. And we believe in doing that as authentically as possible.

On Top of That Marketing is a boutique, woman-owned Digital Marketing + PR agency located in Upstate NY, servicing clients nationwide.

While we specialize in author and book marketing, we work with clients in several areas of business, including beauty, health & wellness, lifestyle, and finance.

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